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This is where it all starts

On May 14, 2011, I told my husband that I would like to try to write a novel. We had recently relocated to Southern California and I wasn't getting any traction in my job search despite running a very successful doctor's office in San Francisco for five years. To my surprise, he not only agreed but told me that I should really do it full time if I was going to do it.

When I first started, I was old school. I went out and bought four yellow legal notepads and started writing. After about two weeks of that, my husband was nice enough to do some research for me and he created a template on my Mac Book Pro for me to use. A few days later, I was quickly transcribing my paper notes into the story that would eventually become my first novel, 20 Years Worth of Time. That first one took me over a year but I distinctly remember the fear I felt when I hit publish on Amazon that first time. Even though I'd been in numerous theatrical productions during my life, this was the most nervous I had ever felt. This time, everything in that novel was mine. It was my story, my imagination and my dreams piled all into that 119 pages.

Now, as I finally get out of my own way and launch my own website, I feel that fear again. Before, I could always tell myself that I was just trying something out but now with this website, I'm proving to myself and (hopefully) the rest of the world that I am totally serious about this venture and I'm willing to take all the steps necessary to make it happen.

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