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Really Random

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

I have too many things going on in my head right now, so I felt I needed to write another blog post to clear out some of the space I need for my novel. #writing #writersblock

1. I recently had blood work done and a few of my numbers (cholesterol, triglycerides, A1C, etc.) went up from my blood work six months ago, so my primary care physician suggest I get a consult from a cardiologist for a second opinion or a new take on things. I agreed since my family has some heart disease issues. Well, today was my appointment and after walking out, it felt like such a waste of time. I spent about ten minutes with a nurse and about another ten (if I'm generous) with the doctor. I walked out of there knowing nothing I didn't already know and I have to pay for this visit. Listen, I know I don't exercise enough and I know I'm overweight. I didn't really need to pay for a doctor to tel me that. My amount of exercise has fallen since I work at home and it's too cold to even want to go out most days. I know this. The only bonus I can take away from this is that I don't have to pay for any more medication. I no longer have the blinders of youth on when it comes to my health. I'm over the age of 40, I have officially had diabetes for the last 6 years. I no longer drink, I try extremely hard not to have desserts that often and when I do, I make much better choice with those. I didn't need to pay a doctor today to tell me that I'm fat. I happen to see that every day when I look in the mirror. #health #nothanks

2. I have written a really good novel and no one has read it yet besides my husband, my mother and my editor. For some reason, I can't seem to find a publisher for it. I've submitted it to now six different publishers and I have yet to hear any response back from anyone. That's right, still can't even manage to get a email saying thanks but no thanks. I'm not even sure if self-publishing is the route to go anymore since the sales for my newest novel have been abysmal at best. I realize that I screwed up with my fourth novel, Not Just Another Catch, by releasing it too quickly and not doing that one last editing run. But, I can't even get friends and family interested in my newest. I realize that it's been a two year break, but I know I've gotten better as a writer yet no one knows. With this latest novel, I've paid for advertising on two separate social media platforms and the results have yielded nothing in terms of sales. It's heartbreaking to say the least. #amwriting #writer #selfpublished #help

3. What happened to common decency? I'm getting to a point these days where I can barely watch the news and that kills me. I love watching, reading and knowing about the news. I like to be aware of the world that I live in. I have worked my ass off voting and making sure I am informed. Now, with so many things, I just can't anymore. #society #news #vote

4. Honestly, can someone explain to me why people like the Kardashians or Taylor Swift, etc are popular? I am beyond exasperated with people being famous for doing NOTHING. As someone who is trying his hardest to get stories out there for people to read, it's disheartening that someone can flash her tits or her ass in a selfie and sell over 15 million books. I would settle for 1/100th of that for my book sales. Really. Probably even half of that. I know that my books, on the surface, probably aren't for everyone but I know there is a market out there for a Gay Science Fiction novel. Or a Gay thriller with three heroes. Maybe I'm naive about how far my reach can possibly go but all I need is one person to see it and recommend it to someone. That word of mouth is unbelievable. But, can I really expect something like that when I can't even get my friends interested in buying my latest novel that is priced at a mere $3.99? Obviously not. #help #marketing #wordofmouth #gayscifi #gay #novelist

Ok, my mind has been cleared a little bit. Thanks for letting me rant #rant. I appreciate it. Honestly.



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