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Precipice of Discovery


20 Years Worth of Time

Dream It True

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Precipice of Discovery



Michael Czerwiec Feliciano has crafted a story about a man who doesn't forget his matter how hard he tries. An unintentional journey to fill a void in the heart that results in a life full to overflowing. Love isn't just for princesses and enchanted frogs, and Mr. Czerwiec Feliciano weaves a story of deep enduring love, passion, and patience. Take time to enjoy a story that proves true the maxim--good things DO come to those who wait, especially if you're waiting for your happy ending, too.

I have very much enjoyed all of Michael's books that have been published on Amazon. I have read (them) all. I like the characters, and he is an avid story teller. He pulls you into the story and doesn't let you go until the end, and you realize it's 4am and you are still reading.

Heather Leonard

What a great long 6356 locations this book is well worth the money. I really loved the first 80% of the book best, but throughout the book I really loved Peter and Dave. Dave just wants to wrap Peter up in his arms and never let him go. Peter knows things won't always be as wonderful as their college experiences and wants Dave to find out if he can handle being an out gay man. I think Dave passes with flying colors!

Kimbermcfar, Amazon review

Copycat626, Amazon Review

In The Press



Michael Czerwiec-Feliciano grew up in the small town of Monroe, IA and after stints on both the West coast (San Francisco & LA) and the East coast (Quincy, MA) currently resides in Waukee, IA with his amazing husband, Alfelino, whom he met on a blind date in California many years ago. Michael is enjoying being back in Iowa.

Michael currently has six novels written and self-published.  Michael is currently putting the finishing touches on his third YA gay novel in his new "Precipice" series while still shopping the first two books in this series to a publisher. He is editing and putting together a collection of short stories about different types of relationships.

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For any media inquiries, please contact:  Michael Czerwiec-Feliciano

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