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20 Years Worth of Time

Drew needs to start over and the only place he can think to go is back home. Back to Monroe, Iowa where he grew up. The one place in the world he hates. Back to all the people he left behind after high school. Back to Paul.

Paul knew Drew was back in town, now he just had to get his attention. He had let him get away once before, it wasn't going to happen this time. Not if Paul had anything to do with it.

Dream It True

Jesse keeps having the same dream. So does Bruno but he's on the other side of the country. Then there is Detective Erik Wullen who is also having the dream; but he's a Swedish Secret Service Agent currently working a case in Paris. What is going on? How are these three connected? After a chance meeting in Los Angeles, Jesse and Bruno find out that they can change parts of the dream. When an old classmate leads these two into the case Detective Wullen is currently working on, all hell starts to break loose and people start dropping like flies. Who is behind all this secretive mind-control? Can Jesse, Bruno and Erik figure it all out before they are attacked in real life?

It's All in The Details

Peter is excited to start his freshman year of college at Wabash, an all-male college in Indiana. He meets Austin almost immediately, even before classes have started. When he gets asked to join a fraternity, he wonders if he can really handle all that is to come.

Peter experiences the highs of performing, the lows of homophobia and the first pings of love; and it's only his freshman year.

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Book no.2
Book no.3
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